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Architect's Studio

  • Type : Commercial Space Interior

  • Status: completed

  • Location: Motera, Ahmedabad.

  • Area: 825 Sqft

  • Completed in : Aug, 2020

Design philosophy


The concept behind designing the  studio features a spontaneous array of explorations in order to develop a space that becomes a warehouse of creativity and imagination. The overall concept of the space reflects the unique philosophy and style which is followed by the architects of the firm.


The area of 825 Sqft was a blank canvas for the architects to explore and they wanted to reflect each corner of the space with the different ideology to let the client visualize the the imagination language. From uniquely executing the micro concrete to exclusively designed elevations every surface has a thoughtful insight behind it. The floor plate is also divided in a way that maximizes the capacity of employees while still making smooth circulation for staff, employees and clients. Every surface surrounding the people working in a space is made interactive so that the employees can ideate, visualize and manifest their creativity in the design process. Consequently, this space is designed as our dedication to offer our clients with innovative, efficient and viable design services.

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