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Govadia Residency 

  • Type : Bungalow Interior

  • Status: work in progress

  • Location: Saagwara, Rajasthan.

  • Area: 2725 Sqft

Design philosophy


The Govadia residency is a conceptual design of a house that coalesces a variety of element to form an expressive space that meets the desires of the client to stand out as a marvelous piece of work. As the house is owned by a gold merchant, we wanted to add a grandeur touch while creating a luxurious interiors to develop a splendid environment.


Following a pragmatic layout the house is further divided in spaces such as living room, bedrooms, gym and home theatre to accommodate the inhouse amenities that can foster the client’s need. The common design language seamlessly segregates the private and semi private areas of the house. In all, the house is equipped with all the design elements that makes it lavish. 

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