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Iscon Platinum

  • Type: Appartment Interior

  • Status: Completed

  • Location: 0902 Iscon platinum

  • Area: 1280 Sqft

  • Completed in :  June, 2019

Design philosophy

This sumptuous and trendy house, located at Iscon platinum in Ahmedabad spans around an area of 1280 sqft, which is a beautiful blend of comfort and elegance built for an international family for a client from Dubai. This was the turnkey project conceptualized on the origins of notion to achieve the perfect fusion of minimalism and realisms to give the inhabitants an inordinate delight. The intent of the interior design is to provide a cozy modern and minimal aesthetic approach to the design of the house.

One may enter this beguiling house and at the same time savor the feeling of opulence and grace. Different types of seating, reflecting contemporary sophistication, spreads across the entire space. The overall planning manages the floor plates to facilitate the clients lifestyle and managing their standard of life, while the elevations reflects the strategic design language that bespoke assimilated modern design implemented while incorporating the right texture and color palette.

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