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Rich Basket 

  • Type : Retail store Interior

  • Status: Completed

  • Location: Thaltej Ahmedabad

  • Area: 720 Sqft

  • Completed in :oct, 2020

Design philosophy


The concept of designing this premium grocery store aligns with understanding, exploring and reflecting design as a medium to create a shopping experience which becomes the central core aspect behind the success of the store. With this our intention was not to create an another large impersonal and generic store but to design and convey an inordinate and promising shopping experience which becomes more frequent because of the environment which is created in store.


An innovative store layout with custom logo was designed by us keeping in mind the key features of the store. The magnificent display of logo, window display and the overall store layout was planned in a way that attracts the customers as well as keep them engaged. Gondola displays are designed which are filled with a broad range of products from around the world, an upscale gourmet specialty area is created accompanied with other product range. Beyond the display systems the traffic flow was simplified  to ease the navigation of people visiting the store.

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