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Sparsh Divine II

  • Type : Appartment Interior

  • Status: Completed

  • Location: sparsh Divine II

  • Area: 3690 sqft

  • Photography: Abhi valera Photography

  • Completed in :  December,  2016

Design philosophy


The design of this house tries to encapsulate the essence of a holistic and minimalistic design approach while considering the needs and requirements of each individual living in the house. The planning strategies are also implemented by considering the lifestyle of people living in this house.


The living and dinning area features subtle and magnificent design approach as the family spends most of the time in that environment.  Where in one bedroom the room has been designed for an architecture student by understanding the key requirements and coming up with a black painted back drop wall where one can reflect their ideations and conceptualize the designs which reflects the core trait of an architect.

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