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Linear House

  • Type : Residential architecture

  • Status: Underconstruction

  • Location: kalol

  • Plot area : 9335 Sqft

  • Total Area:  9970 Sqft


Design philosophy

The concept of designing this house envisaged that the outdoor and indoor space shall create harmony while balancing the form and aesthetics. Furthermore, the design of this house redefines luxury by giving varying experiences by showcasing an array of space through its geometric play of architecture. Covering an area of 4040 Sqft, the house is designed to give its residents the comfort while incorporating essential design provisions to balance the different generational lifestyles while also providing distinctive functional elements. However, the linear language of the house embarrasses, the roofs on different levels projecting at different dimensions adds to the beauty of the overall architectural language followed in house. 


The facade is treated with exposed concrete, solid wood and adding to the glamourous detail Italian marble is used on surface. The longer slits and bigger openings are the key design elements designed to allow natural light to touch every corner of the house while also facilitating with healthy ventilation system. The cantilever is designed to be 20-25 ft long to incorporate semi openable space at lower levels making it perfect for family gatherings while making efficient use of lawn surrounding the house.

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