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  • Type:  Mixed-use building architecture

  • Status: Completed

  • Location: Rajkot

  • Area: 453400 Sqft

  • Completed in :  Oct, 2018

Design philosophy

In proportion, the site is spanning across 4,53,400 Sqft. The fortuitously rectangular shape magnifies the spectacular settings and parallel views built around the site, Which displays an incredible visual choreography. The inevitable linear grid in the building profile has been achieved regardless of the shape of the site.  

The mitigation of continuous open corridor surrounded by the plot in the middle of the complex glorifies the architectural elements. The position shape and space gained by each and very retail/commercial space and by the apartments has been strategically planned and placed in a position that has equal access to daylight and ventilation. The conventional arrangement of the rectangular blocks has been the source of providing each unit with desirable amount of facilities.

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