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Dushyant Bunglow

  • Type: Bungalow Architecture

  • Status: Completed

  • Location: Mehsana

  • Area: 1250 Sqft

  • Completed in :  Sept,2017

Design philosophy


Built on an area of 1250 Sqft at Mehsana built for an expanding multigenerational family. Exploring the local  bungalow typology on a substantial smaller site wherein the three houses were supposed to be designed has been fairly executed incorporating the living of three families.


The bungalows are designed by deriving inspiration from pol houses where in each house has been facilitated with an OTS to redefine the courtyard environment which eventually connects to all the other spaces. In order to divide the space between three houses the long rectangular plan was evolved out of contextuality. All the basic aspects such as parking, plantations has been bifurcated to offer an aesthetic experience while making an optimum use of the area allotted to the house.


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