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Aptech Training centre

Type : Institutional

Status: Completed

Location: chandkheda, Ahmedabad

Area: 6375 sqft

Photography: Abhi valera Photography

Completed in :  May, 2019

Design philosophy

The institution was designed for Aptech Limited which is a Global Learning Solutions Company. The design of the space is based on aviation tour environment which is one of the module taught in the institute while it also reflects the concept that people studying in the institute will take a flight of success after attaining knowledge from the institute. The Institute has been awarded best branch interiors in Ahmedabad adding to the fame it has also been used for shooting by Guajarati film industry.

The circulation space was also executed with  aviation tour environment to continue the same design language. The graphical elements used on wall are conceptually designed to reinforce community learning and engage students in that learning environment.  In order to foster participatory environment, the lightning systems and the space divisions and niches/windows are designed in a way that promotes transparency with in the space which further promotes an interactive environment which is being conceptualized for the space.

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