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Aarambh show house

  • Type : Residential Interiors

  • Status: completed

  • Location: Chandkheda, Ahmedabad

  • Area: 1430 sqft

  • Completed in: October, 2019

Design philosophy

The interior of Aarambh’s Show house was successfully completed in 2.5 months highlighting the time constrain to complete the project. Being the show house designers it gave us the freedom to push design ideas to the extreme. The concept of the project revolves around aligning the designing elements with three key words which are elegance, sophistication and simplicity. Besides the constrain of site, the strategy of design has been well executed in a way that observes the soothing environment through the use of different surface materials and subtle color tone.

Beyond this splendid aesthetics of house, the functionality of each space has been thoughtfully considered while implementing each design. The color balance and geometric elements plays a crucial role while defining the beauty of this house. The project gave us an It’s extraordinary exposure to explore, design and manifest the functionality on real scale.

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