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Amikunj Residency

  • Type : Bunglow architecture and interior

  • Status: completed

  • Location: Naranpura, Ahmedabad.

  • Area: 1610 sqft

  • Photography: Abhi valera Photography

  • Completed in :  March, 2019

Design philosophy


The Patel residence is located at Naranpura, one of the prime suburbs of Ahmedabad. Our client was a firm believer in the principles of Vastu Shastra and hence they required a house that was designed with  response to the “Vastu” principles and still has a contemporary modern design approach. These principles of designing this house are translated in a contemporary way in the design approach. Due to restricted footprint, the design was forced to go vertically into 3 floor structure.


The architecture and interiors of this residence is defined by a dialogue between simple clean lines, because of the common wall of bungalow with existing bungalow. we provided cut out in all floor plates above ground floor. Cut out becomes a medium to provide copious amounts of natural light to the core of the house. Each of the bedrooms on the lower and upper levels are allowing for sufficient cross- ventilation and natural light right through the space. Teak paneled entrance with classic detailing provide an inviting entry.  A sense of quality and focus on materiality pervades throughout the space. The house is richly layered and textured with a judicious mix of materials, which extends into the choice of furniture, furnishings and artwork.

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